Our products

The key feature of Mobilcinque's machining is the use of the folding technique, with which wood panels are folded without creating cuts, ensuring the continuity of the wood grain. The folding technique is particularly suited to the production of designer furniture, combining the beauty of each article with brilliant functionality.

It's a technique that also allows us to produce furniture items in large quantities quickly.

Our production is mainly outsourced, that is, we produce products designed by our customers, and we offer our thirty years of experience in order to combine aesthetics with finished product stability.

The end product is delivered painted and packaged to the customer.

But we can also offer raw products (unpainted, ready for painting).

We offer a huge range of beautiful furniture products and services for your home or business: furniture manufacturing, wholesale furniture sales, production and wholesale chairs, table production and wholesale, wooden table production, dresser sets, bedside sets, bathroom furniture, contract furniture for hotels, modern furnishings, interiors, chests of drawers, bookcases, modular furniture, modern furniture, armchairs, desks, stools, extendable tables, wooden tables, tables.

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